Wait, I can get college credit to learn about (and dig up) dinosaurs?!

This could be you!

This could be you!

Burpee Museum is partnering with Elmhurst College during the 2014 field season. In conjunction with Burpee Museum’s Highway to Hell Creek expeditions to Ekalaka, Montana, Elmhurst College will be offering three online summer classes. These classes will culminate in an onsite visit to Burpee for field orientation and participation in the August 4-8, 2014 expedition.

Each of Elmhurst College’s online courses is being lead by Dr. Rich Schultz. Dr. Schultz has joined the Burpee Crew in Montana in the past and has played an integral part in the creation of this new program by spearheading the creation of courses that can be taken by high school students seeking dual credit, traditional undergraduate students and secondary education teachers seeking graduate credit.

The courses offered include:

Undergraduate course: GEO 468: Geography/Geosciences Internship/Field Experience

(0.5 credits; P/F);  Summer Field Experience for traditional undergraduate students. Not to be used as an internship.

Dual-credit course: (High School Students): GEO 100: Field Methods for the Prospective STEM Student

(0.25 credits); Dual credit course for high school students. Students will also receive college credit if they attend Elmhurst College.

Graduate course: MTL 580: Comparative Studies – Montana

(2 graduate semester hours); Graduate course for secondary educators interested in STEM Teaching in the field.

 If you are interested in being a part of this program through Elmhurst College, please visit the Elmhurst College Registration and Records Page. If you have questions about the Elmhurst College 2014 STEM Field Experience program please contact Dr. Schultz using the form below.