Green River Fish

In 2011 Burpee Museum began is most recent fossil endeavor, finding fossil fish from the Green River formation in Kemmerer, Wyoming. The Burpee Museum has paired with the National Park Service to re-open a fossil fish quarry near the Fossil Butte National Monument. We are also in the process of planning and developing a permanent Fossil Lake exhibit about Green River fossil fish, and the fossil lake ecosystem. These fossil fish are some of fossils that visitors to the museum can see preparators working on the the Viewing Lab.

One thought on “Green River Fish

  1. I have found what I believe is a true form fossil of a snake head. bottom side of head shows intestine and other organs. top shows where eye was and mouth line and nostril holes in front. measures about 2 inches long and wide. would there be anyone that could look and tell me if this is true. thank-you bob 815-943-7314.

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