Home again . . . at least for a little while.

06.25.12 – The Burpee Crew made it safely back to Illinois with a trailer full of fossils in tow. We made it most of the way with no problems, but noticed a bulge in one of the trailer tires part way through the second day’s drive. We took things slow from there and made it back late Sunday night. (Or really early Monday morning, depending how you look at it.)

Wrapping up the site went very well. We have a lot of exciting things waiting for us next year! Stay tuned for an update about the trailer’s arrival at the Burpee Museum sometime later this week 🙂

Moving the biggest jacket off of Limb Bone Ridge

A Successful Tour

We wrapped up the last of the official free tours at the quarry today. Over 300 people visited the quarry for a tour. Some came from the surrounding area, others traveled from across the state, country, and even the world. We had several visitors from overseas – including Germany and Belgium. We’ll share numbers and locations once we’ve tallied the data!

Next week we’ll work on closing the site and removing the last of the bones that can be taken out this season.

Jurassic Journey Week 2

We’re wrapping up week two of our Jurassic Journey expeditions and things are going well! We had some exciting things happen this week: first (not necessarily most importantly) we got a port-a-potty at the site, we started tours of the site and have had a good number of people visit, Casey Holliday (Assistant Professor at Mizzou’s Program of Integrative Anatomy) came by to check out the site, and Scott Foss and John Reay from the Utah BLM stopped in to see how things were going. We’re finding new bones and getting plenty plaster jacketed and removed. Hopefully we’ll have a bigger update (with pictures!) soon.


Hot and Windy

All of our lab staff are finally in Hanksville for the remainder of the Hanksville field season. We also have education staff and students from Augustana college here to work. The ed staff will be busy giving tours of the quarry and the Augustana students are here with former Burpee employee, Josh Mathews to gain some experience working in the field.

Introducing Jimmy the Diplodocus

05.29.12 – Things are going very well at the Hanksville-Burpee Dinosaur Quarry (HBDQ)! Our first round of volunteers has gotten started and are doing a great job. One of the specimens we’ve been working on unearthing is a Diplodocus nicknamed Jimmy. Veteran volunteers and Burpee Board Members Herb Page and Joe Mongan have already found new bones that we believe go with the other material we’ve already recovered for Jimmy. Great job guys, keep up the good work!


Henry Mountain Peek-a-boo

05.26.12 – Not much to report from the field today. Hot temperatures and high winds are driving some pretty considerable sandstorms through the Hanksville area. Even when the crew headed up to Green River, UT this morning to take Cory to the train station the winds were already blowing at 30-40mph. With Cory on his way back to Rockford, Scott and Margo took the day off, not only to rest up for the busy week ahead, but to avoid being sandblasted out in the quarry.  Safe travels to all who are headed out to the site for the first week of ‘official’ digging and to Cory on his trip home!