About Burpee Museum

The Burpee Museum, located in Rockford, Illinois, was created in 1941 as part of a Works Progress Administration (WPA) project and opened its doors in 1942. Currently the museum occupies a four floor building along the Rock River that houses exhibits about the natural world including: geology, paleontology, dinosaurs, early people and the habitats of Illinois. In 2001 Burpee Museum began its field expedition program with a trip to Ekalaka, Montana to look for Cretaceous age fossils in the Hell Creek formation. The following summer, 2002, we excavated a juvenile Tyrannosaurus rex whom we’ve named Jane. Jane garnered international attention and was shown on CNN and FOX news, as she was the first juvenile T. rexto be identified. In 2008, we expanded our field expeditions program to include Hanksville, Utah to hunt for Jurassic age fossils in the Morrision formation. Most recently, in 2011 we began a Cenozoic age dig for fossil fish in the Green River formation of Kemmerer, Wyoming. Fossils collected are transported back to Rockford, IL and prepared in our fossil prep lab for both research and display.

Burpee Museum of Natural History, Rockford, IL

If you are interested in visiting the Burpee Museum visit our web page! We are located at 737 N. Main Street, Rockford, IL 61103 if you have additional questions, feel free to call us at 815.965.3433

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