Virtual Field Trips

Not the mostly-static, 360-degree photos of museum galleries that took forever to load on dial-up internet of the early 2000’s but live, interactive virtual field trips that engage participants directly and put them in direct contact with experts and educators.

Scott Williams,Director of Science and Exhibits, talks about "Jane" the juvenile T.rex's teeth during a live virtual field trip.

Scott Williams,Director of Science and Exhibits, talks about “Jane” the juvenile T.rex’s teeth during a live virtual field trip.


There is a great movement at all levels of education and instruction to help students develop their critical thinking skills, to experiment and learn from their mistakes, and to understand how they learn and to be able to teach themselves. This movement is driven by many factors including, but not limited to, increasing technological turnover and the need for a workforce that will be able to continually learn new technologies to stay current and employable, a need for capable and inquisitive minds in STEM fields, and the staggering amount of digital content available to anyone on an almost unlimited basis.

Here at Burpee Museum, we realized that we needed to try something new. Although our on-site tours are met with excellent reviews, they are traditional, in-person field trips. And, because they are in-person field trips, the participants are limited by their proximity to the museum. The solution was live, virtual field trips that highlight the museum’s collections, and that can be tailored to each specific groups needs.

Virtual field trips allow students, near and far, to directly connect with the museum and iconic specimens like “Jane” and “Homer”  and ask questions of our museum educators and experts, while utilizing technology that is familiar to them. Keep an eye out for more content (and maybe even a mini-tour!) on the Burpee Museum Facebook Page.

If you would like to know more about Virtual Field Trips at Burpee Museum please visit the Virtual Field Trips page or contact Sheila Rawlings, Director of Education and Programs, using the contact form below. Please feel free to share this post with anyone you know who might be interested in connecting their group or class with Burpee Museum through Virtual Field Trips!


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