And they’re off!

On Sunday May 18th, the Burpee Field Crew left Rockford, Illinois and headed for Hanksville, Utah to begin readying the Hanksville-Burpee Dinosaur Quarry for the 2014 field season.

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At the end of each field season most of the traces of an active dinosaur dig are taken down, cleaned up, and removed from the site. All that remains over the winter is an information sign and a log fence. The fossils are re-buried to protect them from the elements, as well as to deter fossil poachers. This means that at the beginning of each season, crews must un-bury the dig pits, reconstruct the shade tent, reset (and reorganize) the supply trailer as well as make sure that all the machinery is in working order. The Burpee Crew is making good headway on setting up the site for the 2014 season – the shade tent frame has been erected, the trailer is in position and organized. Next comes, un-burying the dig pits and checking machinery!

However its not all work and no play for the field crew –  on the way to Utah they stopped at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science to check out their paleo hall and incredible dioramas in their biology halls. They also had the opportunity to observe a small herd of Big Horn Sheep as they passed through the Rocky Mountains that was grazing near the road.


One final note, Happy 215th Birthday to Mary Anning! Check out today’s Google Doodle!


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