Field work and field trips and fossils … Oh my!

Springtime at Burpee Museum brings many welcome changes from the long, cold winter months. One of the most welcome changes happens when the field crew starts to gear up and get ready for the summer expeditions.


This summer Burpee Museum will send field crews to Hanksville, Utah to excavate in the Jurassic-aged Hanksville-Burpee Dinosaur Quarry  and to Ekalaka, Montana to search for more Late Cretaceous specimens, like Pearl, Homer, and Jane. Burpee field crews stay at each site for approximately one month. During the course of that month they must open each site, excavate, map, and remove fossils, and then winterize the sites.  Expeditions allow the museum to grow the collection and participate in research to help better understand dinosaurs, their contemporaries, and the world as it was during their time.

Expeditions also allow Burpee Museum to connect the general public with paleontology. People interested in experiencing what a dinosaur dig is like are encouraged to register for one (or more!) of Burpee’s Expeditions and try their hand at field work. Anyone interested in field work, or the expeditions is welcome to join us Saturday, April 12 from 1-3pm for an Expedition Orientation Session. No registration is required for the orientation sessions!

For those looking to stay closer to home, Burpee Museum also hosts Family Fossil Field Trips at local quarries. On these field trips participants can spend the afternoon hunting for local Ordovician fossils, such as crinoids, cephalopods, brachiopods, and trilobites, and they get to keep what they find!

For more information about either Expeditions or Family Fossil Field Trips, please visit Burpee Museum’s website.

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