News, Announcements, and Resolutions!

Dear readers, forgive me. I have not posted in over a month. My apologies.

As the title suggests we have Lab News, Announcements and Resolutions to share. (Yay!) So here it goes:

Lab News:

1. Homer made it safely to Research Casting International (RCI) near Toronto, Canada for mounting. All reports sound like things are going well. We are excited to see Homer’s final stance when he returns for installation in the “Homer’s Odyssey” exhibit in April.

Homer arrives at RCI near Toronto, Canada. Photo (c) Scott Williams

                   Homer arrives at RCI near Toronto, Canada.                    Photo (c) Scott Williams

2. The final planning and preparation stage for the “Homer’s Odyssey” has also arrived. Xibitz, the exhibits company we are working with, sent some of their builders to the museum to take very detailed measurements of specimens and spaces so that fabrication of the exhibit elements can begin.

3. We are working on preparing lots of fossil fish. The Green River Fossil Fish teaser exhibit has been met with good reviews.


1. Expeditions! Registration is now open for the 2013 Expedition season. Visit the “Go on an Expedition” tab here for visit the Burpee Expedition page. We can’t wait for you to join us in Utah or Montana (or BOTH)!

2. PaleoFest 2013 is coming up quickly! Our 15th Annual PaleoFest will be held March 2 and 3, here at the Burpee Museum. This year we will be bringing you a full scientific symposium titled “The End of the Dinosaurs: Changes in the Late Cretaceous Biosphere” – talks will come from 30 prestigious researchers from all facets of paleontology. We are also pleased to welcome back Dr. Scott Sampson, also known as Dr. Scott the Paleontologist, from PBS’ “Dinosaur Train,” he will be giving two children’s lectures and a children’s workshop this year! Visit the PaleoFest website for more details!

PaleoFest Logo


I resolve to post at least once a week here at No Stone Unwritten in 2013, so that this is the most up to date and interesting source of information about what is going on in the Burpee Lab. Wish me luck!


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