Bon voyage, Homer!

A beauty shot of “Homer” our teen-aged Triceratops who will soon be on his way to RCI in Toronto!

Don’t miss your chance this weekend to wish Homer Bon Voyage before he travels to Research Casting International in Toronto, Canada to be mounted. This mount will be featured in our upcoming “Homer’s Odyssey: From the Badlands to Burpee” exhibit opening in May.

Homer will come off exhibit on Monday and be very (very, very, very) carefully packed up will all of his other pieces. All of the Homer material will be packed in custom made cradles and boxes, which will then be packed into a customized shipping crate. Soon after all of the customizing and packing is finished, the Homer transport crate will be loaded into the museum trailer and driven to Toronto.

Homer’s epiossifications (formerly known as epoccipitals) cradled in a foam filled box, lined with Tyvek – almost ready for shipment!

We will have more pictures coming from the packing, traveling, and delivery at RCI! Leave us a question about the packing, shipping, or transport process …. or leave Homer a message!!


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