Irons in the Fire

We have been BUSY lately! There are lots of things happening in the lab, but we don’t want to neglect the blog. We have a few updates for you and some hints at posts to come in the (hopefully) near future.

1. We are starting to plan how we will safely transport Homer ‘s (the teen-aged Triceratops) bones to be mounted for display. In addition to “his” skull on display outside of the lab, we have a fair bit of other postcranial material to take with us.

Triceratops postcranial material on oversized storage shelves.

Homer’s post-cranial material laid out on our oversize storage shelves.

2. The picture below might not seem overly interesting or remarkable to most, but it’s a big step for us! We are working on reorganizing and inventorying our paleontological collections. These drawers contain material from some of our localities in Montana. When it is all finished, this will make our collections more accessible for us and for visiting researchers.

Newly organized and labeled specimen drawers. Aren’t they pretty?

3. The Biology Lab is back in full operation! (Did you even know we had a biology lab in addition to our paleontology lab?) We have a new volunteer taxidermist, Jim Hess, and our long-time anthropology and archaeology volunteer Rick Blair have been doing some pretty cool things in the bio lab lately.

Volunteer taxidermist, John Hess preparing a bobcat mount.

Volunteer taxidermist, Jim Hess preparing a bobcat mount.

4. Several of the lab staff are gearing up for the annual Society of Vertebrate Paleontology meeting coming up in October. The museum as a whole will be well represented at the meeting, we had three abstracts submitted and accepted.

5. Green River Fish: We have exactly one month until the opening of a new teaser exhibit about Green River Fish. (Subsequently, that also means that we have about one year until we open a permanent Green River Exhibit. Eep!)

These are a few of the specimens that will be on display in the new Green River teaser exhibit that opens on October 27, 2012!


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