Crates of Unusual Size, 2

Facebook generated some interesting suggestions of what might be in our crates of unusual size. Guesses included:

– Rodents of Unusual Size (Thankfully no, that would be very bad to have in collections and decidedly not in line with our pest management policy.)

-Pencils (Useful, but no.)

-Evidence for the Gamera or Behemoth’s existence (Sorry, still no evidence on that front.)

-Beer (Regrettably, not.)

-New Curator (I’d like to think we’d at least have a new curator delivered via air mail instead of ground freight).

Now, I should point out that there is more than one Crate of Unusual Size –  there are actually three. All are large, but are not the same size. And, here’s the hint, they all contain items that are related to one another, but don’t go together.
Keep your guesses coming through comments here on the blog and on Facebook, we’ll reveal the contents tomorrow!

3 Crates of Unusual Size

Our Crates of Unusual Size, sitting in size order (cardboard box not to be considered as a COUS)


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