Great things happening in the Hell Creek!

Week one of the 2012 Highway to Hell Creek Expeditions is off to a great start. We have had success at all four sites we are working this season. Top finds include: turtles (yes, plural), new vertebrae at one triceratops site, and skull material at both the hadrosaur and the other triceratops site.

We are honored to have had Dr. Tyler Lyson visit the site to advise on some of our recently found turtle specimens and make a stratigraphic (strat) column to help better understand the geology of the site. Additionally, we have had the pleasure of collaborating with Ekalaka native Nate Carroll  and Jade Simon as well as meeting Dr. Rich Schultz and Dr. Merrilee Guenther from Elmhurst College. We are also very excited to have Dr. Thomas Holtz, Tyrannosaur expert, spending the week with us at Camp Needmore!
Thus far, this week has been wonderful and we hope to keep great things coming!


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